FUSIONPLEX With Wella Professionals

It's no secret that we love to change up our hair color. And while fun colored hair is well, fun, it can take a toll on the integrity of our hair. Keeping a healthy set of locks is something every gal would love, but much too often we see ads and commercials from brands that claim to be of professional quality. The saying, "leave it to the professionals" is certainly true here! Enter Wella Professionals' FUSIONPLEX, intense repair and protection care line that is everything your noggin' could ever dream of! The line targets hair both inside, at the hair’s cortex to refill and repair worn fibers, and outside by protecting and sealing strands. It’s the perfect solve for treating hair that may be suffering from chemical damage (lightening, dying hair), environmental damage (UV/weather influencer) and heat styling.


We started off with the  FUSIONPLEX Intense Repair Shampoo & Intense Repair Conditioner, these babies are fortified with amino acids that leave our hair feeling smooth. This is especially helpful for us since we use a lot of hot tools and need protection from all of the heat damage. 


To seal the deal and really make sure our hair is getting all the protection it needs, we use the  FUSIONPLEX Intense Repair MaskThis literally takes our hair from dry and crunchy to "OMG this is what healthy hair feels like??"

So remember folks, leave it to the professionals! And be sure to check out all the other amazing Wella Professionals products right here!