Springtime Savings

We're feeling the springtime blues, but in a good way! We've created a fun blue inspired outfit with pieces from our own jewelry line as well as sale items you can find by hovering over the pieces below. Spoiler alert: the dress and shoes are under $20!

As with any sale items, shop now before they're gone! Or else you might end up like this.....

B&W Valentine's Day Vibes

This Valentine's Day we felt like switching it up. We ditched the red outfits and went for a more monochromatic and darker romantic look 💖

Party Dresses With Tobi

We couldn't get enough of these Tobi dresses! Thankfully we can have double the fun without breaking the bank with Tobi's gift of 40% off sitewide! Code: GIFTED40

Two is Better Than One

Two is better than one! Especially when it comes to these awesome tie dye pieces from Tobi.com! Meg and I had so much fun wearing this outfit, not to mention we got a major kick out of the fact that we matched our cotton candy when we went to the county fair! Sometimes all you need is a cute crop top with some fun and funky colors to liven up an outfit.

Florals for Summer

Since Miranda Priestly, the cold-hearted boss from your nightmares, does not find florals for Spring groundbreaking, how about we mix it up and wear them for Summer?! Meg and I found some amazing dresses from Tobi.com that we can't get enough of.

Casual Fun

Galavanting around town is always an adventure, even better when you're doing it in some casual and outfits. Meg and I put together outfits that differed in style but were equally comfortable and a hoot to wear.