The San Diego Symphony & Harry Potter in Concert


Amazing doesn't even begin to describe our experience at the San Diego Symphony as we had the pleasure to attend the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in Concert! Being huge fans of music and Harry Potter, marrying the two was the cherry on top. 


The venue alone is such a beautiful space and our whole experience was top notch, even intermission was a real treat with Harry Potter themed cocktails!

Two Wolfsbane cocktails with tequila please! 😁

Two Wolfsbane cocktails with tequila please! 😁

Overall our visit to the San Diego Symphony was a magical one ✨, we highly recommend checking this place out the next time your favorite show is scheduled. We would definitely come back for another symphony in a heartbeat! 


✨Mischief managed! Thank you so much San Diego Symphony for having us! 

Top Coachella Must-Haves

Festival season is here! Along with some cool Coachella fashion wear, we have a number of fun and rad tech gear that's insanely useful not only for this event, but for other situations in our everyday lives!

1. Unicorn Floaty

A magical ride on a massive unicorn floaty to pass the time in between shows at your hotel, I mean, why not??

2. Ringly

Ringly is a great (not to mention really, really pretty!) piece of wearable tech. It alerts you of any calls/messages via vibration and light patterns that is all customizable. You can even customize it to alert you if you only want to be notified by a select number of people. It's great for music festival settings such as Coachella. You can keep your phone tucked away and not worry about missing any important messages. We can name a number of ways Ringly can help you outside of Coachella, but you'll have to stay tuned for more in a later post!

3. Birksun

Now this one is another great wearable tech accessory and can actually be quite useful to use along side Ringly. Birksun is a line of solar backpacks that can charge your phone/devices while you wear them! Naturally this is one of our top must-have for Coachella because no one likes a dead phone! It's even worse when you're trying to capture all of your favorite festival moments. With Birksun you can charge your phone or even your Ringly while you enjoy some great shows out in the sun!