Wondrous Wonderspaces

We've had quite bit of fun this summer in our wonderful city of San Diego. But one of our most enjoyable experiences was visiting the pop-up art museum, Wonderspaces. This celebration of amazing art has a great variety of experiences that is enjoyable for all ages! From light shows to virtual reality, everything we saw was intriguing. And good news San Diego, Wonderspaces is extending their stay to August 27!! 

Get tickets and additional info about the museum at

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Hair Care 411 With Rochelle

Who doesn't love a good hair makeover? We got the lovely chance to reach out to all of you and host a hair makeover giveaway! The winner won the opportunity to get a new 'do by our hairstylist gal pal, Rochelle from Bluxom Salon!

Going through any type of hair transformation is always fun, but at the end of the day I'm sure all of us would love to know how we can keep our hair looking its best! Lucky for you, we got the 411 on all things hair care, here are some frequently asked questions that Rochelle gets from her clients.

Q: I have dark hair, can I dye it to a brighter color like purple?

A: Yes and no. No if you wanted to dye it in one session. Yes, you can ultimately dye your hair purple, but you would first need to go through a few bleaching sessions in order to get the color to show.

Q: How long would the color last?

A: A few weeks depending on how often you wash your hair.

Q: What can I do to make it last longer?

A: Use the right product such as color safe shampoo & conditioner. Shampoo less and use dry shampoo instead in between washes. Washing your hair with cold water will also help the pigment from washing away too fast.

Q: How can I keep my hair healthy?

A: Weekly masks and deep conditioning treatments are key. As well as regularly scheduled haircuts, 6-8 weeks is a typically a good time frame.

Q: Will pastel colors last as long?

A: Unfortunately no, there is less pigment in pastel colors because they're essentially diluted. You'll often find that pastel colors will wash out much faster than highly pigmented ones.

If you have any additional hair care questions, leave them in the comment section!

Enjoy some snaps we were able to take of the makeover process!



Earth Conscious Fashion with ModerNation

One of our favorite things about doing what we do is being able to connect with other local creatives and hear about their story. Most recently we had the pleasure of working with ModerNation, an online marketplace for curated vintage and upcycled apparel for earth conscious shoppers.

ModerNation’s designers are all about sustainable solutions and we absolutely love their ability to create upcycled eco-friendly pieces with a contemporary vibe! All their apparel is made using deadstock, unique vintage, and sustainable materials thus usually making their pieces one-of- a-kind.

Check out some of the amazing pieces below that Meg got to shoot for ModerNation and be sure to check out more here!

Designs by Monica Romero

Styled by Dawn Oakes

Hair by Rochelle Sunglao/Bluxom Salon

Photography by Jessy Parr

Top Coachella Must-Haves

Festival season is here! Along with some cool Coachella fashion wear, we have a number of fun and rad tech gear that's insanely useful not only for this event, but for other situations in our everyday lives!

1. Unicorn Floaty

A magical ride on a massive unicorn floaty to pass the time in between shows at your hotel, I mean, why not??

2. Ringly

Ringly is a great (not to mention really, really pretty!) piece of wearable tech. It alerts you of any calls/messages via vibration and light patterns that is all customizable. You can even customize it to alert you if you only want to be notified by a select number of people. It's great for music festival settings such as Coachella. You can keep your phone tucked away and not worry about missing any important messages. We can name a number of ways Ringly can help you outside of Coachella, but you'll have to stay tuned for more in a later post!

3. Birksun

Now this one is another great wearable tech accessory and can actually be quite useful to use along side Ringly. Birksun is a line of solar backpacks that can charge your phone/devices while you wear them! Naturally this is one of our top must-have for Coachella because no one likes a dead phone! It's even worse when you're trying to capture all of your favorite festival moments. With Birksun you can charge your phone or even your Ringly while you enjoy some great shows out in the sun!


Easter Treats With Fatty Sundays

Spring is in the air! For us that means Easter desserts & treats! If you're like us, busy little bees, and can barely find time to even make it to the grocery store, then you'll like this easy-peasy creation.

First off, you can get these fun and yummy chocolate covered pretzels from Fatty Sundays online! They have so many different varieties, we chose the Spring inspired colors of course!

We wanted to create a dessert that complimented the pretzels and ice cream was the obvious choice! Since we couldn't make it out to the grocery store, we used one of Amazon's nifty services called, Prime Now. If you're not familiar with this service, you can basically get groceries delivered to you from select local stores if you have an Amazon Prime membership. We picked up some colorful ice cream cones and ice cream to complete our Easter treat. Prime Now has a minimum order of $20, so we filled the rest of our cart with random grocery items that we needed.

Creating the dessert was the easiest part, just scoop up some ice cream and stick a pretzel in it and voila! You're done! A simple but really delicious treat that's perfect to serve at parties!

Getting Cozy with Tobi

I think it's safe to say we LOVE Tobi sweaters, they're always so cozy & chic! And let's not forget about their fabulous skirts that were a perfect match for this look!

Find more great Tobi pieces here: DressesCrop TopsSkirts, Cardigans

Shop the looks below!

Trending with Beautycon

We recently stumbled upon a great subscription service called, BeautyconEach box contains over $100+ worth of goodies & we were amazed with just how much was inside. We can't wait to see what's included in next season's box! Sign up now & get $5 off with the coupon code: ardentreverie πŸ’—

Ankit Faves

Lately we've been obsessing over all the fun goodies from Ankit. There are just so many amazing pieces, we want to tell you about them all. Luckily, we were able to narrow it down to our top faves and must haves!

Valentine's Day Essentials

We found some of the most perfect Valentine's Day treats, first being Arctic Zero ice cream. We have Valentine's Day desserts on our mind! But we didn't want to go overboard on the fat and calories. Luckily we found the perfect guilt-free ice cream and made heart shaped ice cream cookie sandwiches! πŸ’— 🍦Arctic Zero is not only delicious with just the right amount of sweetness, it's also fat, nut, gluten, lactose and GMO free! Not to mention it's low glycemic, kosher and vegetarian approved. What we love the most is that guilt-free tastes amazing! So go on, make healthy desserts for Valentine's Day, or any day for that matter ❀

The other sweet treat, or scent rather, is Hanae Mori Parfums. We love this fragrance. It's the perfect balance of a fresh and light floral scent. Because who doesn't love flowers anyway? 🌹

Holiday Shopping with Graffiti Beach

Can you believe it's already December? That means some of you may be in the middle of your holiday shopping. Now, your first thought may be to run to your local mall, but what about the smaller businesses? Personally, we LOVE checking out all of our local shops for many reason. One of the things we love about small businesses is that they have some of the cutest and most unique products you can't find at your typical shopping mall. Which brings us to our feature on Graffiti Beach, one of our favorite local shops here in San Diego. Located in the quaint community of South Park on 2220 Fern Street, their shop is always stocked with all kinds of unique goods. We found this to be especially true for the holidays! There is so much variety that you may stumble upon an item that you weren't even looking for, but trust us, you'll probably buy it because it's just too damn cool not to! From apparel, jewelry, artwork, baby products, even dog accessories, you name it, Graffiti Beach has a number of products that will meet your holiday shopping needs!   We had the pleasure to peruse around and give you all an idea of what their shop has to offer. We couldn't resist putting some holiday inspired outfits together, which led us to buying a couple of things...seriously, it's difficult to refrain from shopping here!

So San Diegans, support your small businesses, head over to Graffiti Beach and check it out, you can even find some of our accessories there too! Not from San Diego? Don't worry, you can still browse through all the wonderful things at GraffitiBeach.com. You have been warned, you WILL buy something! ;)