Easter Treats With Fatty Sundays

Spring is in the air! For us that means Easter desserts & treats! If you're like us, busy little bees, and can barely find time to even make it to the grocery store, then you'll like this easy-peasy creation.

First off, you can get these fun and yummy chocolate covered pretzels from Fatty Sundays online! They have so many different varieties, we chose the Spring inspired colors of course!

We wanted to create a dessert that complimented the pretzels and ice cream was the obvious choice! Since we couldn't make it out to the grocery store, we used one of Amazon's nifty services called, Prime Now. If you're not familiar with this service, you can basically get groceries delivered to you from select local stores if you have an Amazon Prime membership. We picked up some colorful ice cream cones and ice cream to complete our Easter treat. Prime Now has a minimum order of $20, so we filled the rest of our cart with random grocery items that we needed.

Creating the dessert was the easiest part, just scoop up some ice cream and stick a pretzel in it and voila! You're done! A simple but really delicious treat that's perfect to serve at parties!